Generation Zero Fights Slumping Economy by Silent Terrorism


The following is a post taken from one of the most popular sites among the Japanese Internet crowd. They talk about everything they think is wrong or right, including politics, business, scandals and cultural issues. This one has received a lot of attention and many comments. It is told from the perspective of Japanese. The names and e-mail addresses are removed from the site.

According to the Internet site, since Japan’s asset economic bubble burst in 1991, employment opportunities have been declining and there is a growing generational wage gap. As a result, young people have lost their appetite for material goods and have a tendency to marry later in life or not at all (非婚). Men usually use the new term in negative ways and women in more positive ways.

Their aim is to resist the winners of the global economy by “passive kamikaze”(passive self-bombing). Oaths and commandments help encourage them to combat the consumer/marriage society. It has spread on the Internet, especially among young working people who are poor. This idea later became known as “Silent Terrorism.”

Oath of the Silent Terrorism Group

  1. I do not get in competition. To lose is to win.
  2. I do not aspire to buy pricey stuff, cars, or houses. I do not save money for the purpose of buying them.
  3. I satisfy my sexual instinct without its original purpose. I do not aspire to marry. I suppress my sexual appetite by masturbating.
  4. I do not attend social activities such as working, consuming, birthing and raising children as much as possible.
  5. Mass media such as TV and magazines are agitators and used for consuming needless things.
  6. I do not work for more than compensation. Patience, earnest efforts and services without charges are only values made up by the winners.
  7. I do not create goals in my life or in my actions. I do not work hard (Ganbarimasen). I do not dream. I do not have hope. All I do is live without any feelings.
  8. Whether you’re a winner or a loser, our last achievement is death where everyone ends up. The result is the same.

Ten Commandments

  1. Use materials only when you need to.
  2. Keep materials (as much as possible), do not throw them away.
  3. Do not waste your money
  4. Enjoy the senses of the seasons.
  5. Do not give out any presents.
  6. Buy things individually, but only when really needed.
  7. Make a solid plan even for minimum consumption
  8. Trend? What the hell is that?
  9. Do not buy anything without a purpose. Think again.
  10. Chaos is to be observed. Do not get involved in it.

Note: There are various versions of the oaths and commandments.

Majirox Web site Disclaimer: We have attempted to provide an accurate translation of the original Japanese material in English, but due to the difficulties of translating slang and nuances in the language slight differences may exist.

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