Short Take: The Road to Narita


German rescue team arrives at Narita Airport

TOKYO (majirox news) – I went to pick up our daughter at Narita Airport today. Flight arrived at 3:15 this afternoon. Not much traffic, but a small portion of the highway was closed for “checking.” We saw two rescue teams arriving from Taiwan and Germany. Also, some high profile reporters arrived during the time we were there – Diane Sawyer, Soledad O’Brien and Anderson Cooper.

It was a little long going back to Tokyo and more traffic, but not horrible. Lines at the gas stations were very long. You can only get $24 worth of gas. Also, many of the convenience stores have turned their outside lights off to conserve energy. We also didn’t see Tokyo Tower on the way back in, so we concluded that they had turned the lights out as well.

Have heard many families are leaving tomorrow and some even going to Osaka. I think many expat families will leave early for their Spring breaks. All schools seemed to be closed and many businesses were closed or going to work was optional.

We were going to have the Women’s Group luncheon tomorrow and we thought it might be a good opportunity for people to get together. Found out at least 6-8 families leaving tomorrow who were signed up, so there is an exodus.

German rescue team and dogs at Narita Airport

American Hancock is the President of Tokyo American Club’s Women’s Group and chairs the Charity Ball of Tokyo’s American Chamber of Commerce. TAC has more than 3,500 members from 50 nations. She is a long-time Tokyo resident.

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