Short Takes: Bring in the Tanks


TOKYO (majirox news) – Japan’s Defense Ministry has brought in two type 74 Japanese made tanks to use in the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant area. These tanks are equipped with front-mounted bulldozer blades as it is a standard type of tank to clear away enemy obstacles. What is good about them is that they can lock down completely in the case of a nuclear or biological attack and continue to function, so they are ideal for clearing away the wreckage and rubble that litters the Fukushima reactor site.

It was manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and has a 10ZF Model 22 air-cooled turbocharged diesel engine, developing 750 hp. It has a hydropneumatic suspension system, which allows the tank to sit, stand, kneel or to lean, making it perfect for operations over rugged Japanese areas. The length of the tank is 9.4 meters, weights approximately 38 tons, has a maximum speed of 53 km/h and has space for four people.

Production ended in 1989 and about 890 tanks were built. Japanese Ground Self Defense Force is the only operator of this tank, as Japan’s laws do not allow it to export military equipment, according to Military Today.

Debris was scattered at the nuclear plant after the March 11 earthquake, subsequent tsunami and several explosions.

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