JSDF Jets Chase Russian Nuke Samplers


The Russian Ambassador held a press conference Friday. He was asked about Russian violations of Japanese airspace on March 28 and 29, then again on April 3.

“These were flights to gather radiation data,” he said. “It was only natural that as a neighboring country we should be fearful about the situation.”

TOKYO (majriox news) – Japanese jet fighters of the Self Defense Forces had been scrambled three times on March 21 and 29 to drive off Russian spy planes carrying nuclear air sample pods that intruded into Japan’s air defense perimeter, the Japanese Ministry of Defense announced today.

“Almost simultaneously two Russian jets intruded into the air defense perimeters,” said a member of the JSDF. “Between 8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. flying from Vladivostok towards Yamagata, A SU 27 jet fighter continually reentered Japanese airspace. It was observed to be carrying particle collection pods to test the radioactivity of the Japanese atmosphere.”

At the same time, coming down from the north and heading towards Hokkaido, a AN 12 Electronics attack plane was also encountered. It too carried particle collection pods.

“The Russian planes kept shifting altitude from as low as 2,000 feet (600 meters) to as high as 20,000 feet (6,000 meters) which are typical flight patterns of aircraft investigating radiation levels at different altitudes,” the spokesman said.

Later that same day a Su 27 also possibly intruded into Japan’s air defense perimeter around the Northern Territories on a similar mission.

On March 29, JASDF jets were scrambled again at 10 a.m., this time to escort a Russian LL20 Electronic Reconnaissance plan that intruded into the Japanese Air Defense Perimeters flying the entire length of Japan from Kyushu Coast to Hokkaido’s Western Coast for over five hours.

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