Thailand to Lend Two Turbines to Tokyo


TOKYO (majirox news) – In a gesture of massive generosity–massive in terms of scale and generosity–Thailand is going to lend Japan free of charge two huge gas turbine electrical generators. Each weighs 450 tons and together they generate a whopping 244,000 kilowatts of electricity.

“I’ve never heard of moving anything so big,” said an engineer of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries which originally built them in Thailand. However, ships of several thousand tons are routinely transported in docking ships often to the other side of the world. But they’re already in the water. The trick is getting a 450 ton gas turbine to dockside.

TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Company and owner of Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant) figures they are going to be around eight million kilowatts short of generating capacity they will need at the peak of the air conditioner season in July and August. So it has been searching world wide for generators. The Thai government had these two turbines that were little used at present and were being kept in case emergency generating power was needed. They decided to loan them to Japan.

“We’re loaning them free of charge to Japan for three to five years,” said a Thai government spokesman, “We’ll also be sending along all related machinery such as filtration systems and external ducting. They were designed by Mitsubishi Heavy, so there should be no problem integrating them into the Japanese system.”

Where to put them is still under consideration. Each generator takes up around 1,700 square meters. Disassembly and moving has already started, and it is hoped to get them loaded on ship by around August.

Japanese ambassador to Thailand Seiji Kojima, said Thailand was the first country Japan asked for assistance from in terms of electricity after the earthquake and tsunami struck his country on March 11.

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