Residents may enter 20 km evacuation zone, temperatures rise at reactor No. 4


Inside the 20 km evacuation zone

TOKYO (majirox news) – Japan’s government will allow residents living within the 20 km evacuation zone to return to their homes to get some of their belongings. About 183,000 people live in the area.

The Self-Defense Force will provide vehicles, personal protection gear and a special decontamination process when they return from the zone.

Since it is difficult to let everyone go back, the government said it would be ideal if each household would select one person.

“I left everything behind,” one resident told NHK. “I want to get some of my things.”

A school teacher wants to bring back records, documents and computers.

Another resident said, “I want to make sure the government is going to provide us with protection gear.”

One resident complained that the government was vague in telling them what they could bring out and what they couldn’t bring out. “Since they changed the severity level to 7, I am also very worried,” she said.

Temperatures rising
The temperature of the spent fuel rods pool at reactor No. 4 has risen to 90 degrees Celsius. Normally it should be kept at 40 degrees Celsius or below. Tokyo Electric Company (plant owner and operator) also detected the radioactivity level in the pool water was 84 milisieverts per hour.

“It must be that the fuel rods have been severely damaged,” said Takashi Okomoto, nuclear professor at Tokyo University. “They must frequently monitor and make sure the spent fuel rods are submerged in water.”

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