Fukushima traumatized victims get boost in compensation


TEPCO executives bowing to disaster victims in shelters

TOKYO (majirox news) – Fukushima nuclear disaster victims will initially be paid a monthly compensation of 100,000 yen, ($1,185 dollars) with an additional 20,000 yen ($218) if their evacuation situations have caused emotional damage, a government task force said June 20.

A monthly payout dating from March 11, when an earthquake, tsunami caused radiation to leak from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, was decided by The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s nuclear disaster compensation task force headed by Gakushuin University Prof. Yoshihisa Nomi.

Payments will be paid out in three stages. Victims will receive 100,000 yen a month during the first stage, which runs for six months from March 11, and an additional 20,000 yen if their lifestyle following evacuation is deemed to have caused emotional stress.

Stage Two payments will also apply for six months, running up until the first anniversary of the March 11 disasters, and then victims will be entitled to 50,000 yen ($545 dollars) monthly.

Stage Three will continue from the anniversary onward until victims have settled into life as evacuees. The task force will decide the amount of compensation for this stage at a later date.

In a related development, those living in the zone 20-30 kilometers from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant who were ordered to remain indoors from March 15 to April 22 will each receive 100,000 yen compensation per month.

Meanwhile, the task force will continue to examine whether compensation will apply to those in the Fukushima radiation hot spots the government’s Nuclear Emergency Response Headquarters designated on June 16.

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