Shibuya swastikas attract protest from Simon Wiesenthal Center


The march at Shibuya in Tokyo on July 9

TOKYO (majirox news) – Waving swastikas and chanting “Go home now” and “Parasitic Koreans get out of Japan” a few dozen Japanese members of xenophobic groups marched through Tokyo’s fashionable Shibuya district on July 9.

The main targets of hate in the demonstration appeared to be ethnic Chinese and Koreans, noted Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the associate Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a leading human rights NGO. The Center tracks extremist groups through the Internet as well.

“While the language and targets of racism may be different from those of Nazis in Europe, the hatred and dehumanization of ‘the enemy’ fits the ideology behind the Nazi swastika,” Cooper said in a statement July 13.

The Center, a leading global Jewish human rights NGO headquartered in Los Angeles with offices around the world, fights anti-Semitism, hate and terrorism and teaches the lessons of the Holocaust to young people.

The demonstration was organized by Haigaisha, a group that openly opposes social welfare for foreigners residing legally in Japan and advocates their expulsion from the country, according to the Center. The group’s name means, “society to get rid of damage,” and targets ethnic Chinese and Koreans, many of whom were forcibly brought to Japan as laborers before World War II, and their descendants.

The demonstration was also joined by other groups, including one called Zaitoku-kai, an abbreviation of “citizens’ organization that rejects special entitlements for permanent-residence foreigners.”

The demonstrators marching against non-Japanese were seen on YouTube on Saturday guided by local police in Shibuya.

“Freedom of Speech may be a foundation of any democracy, and these groups may have the legal right to be heard,” Rabbi Copper said. “However, Japanese citizens and NGOs should not stand idly by when such extremists take to the streets. The good people of Japan must also exercise their right of free speech by publicly speaking out against such bigotry.”

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One Response to Shibuya swastikas attract protest from Simon Wiesenthal Center

  1. Sara on 07/13/2011 at 9:10 pm

    We are in the 21st century right??? It is always disturbing to hear the views of small minded closed people.

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