Over 90% expect increase in cybercrime, police survey shows


TOKYO (majirox news) — Over 90% of Japanese adults forecast a future increase in cybercrime – illegal acts carried out online, according to a Police White Paper the National Police Agency (NPA) submitted to the Cabinet on July 22.

And 82.4% told the NPA they feel the Internet already has morals and manners worse than ordinary society.

Japan saw a record 6,933 arrests for cybercrimes in 2010, with increases in phishing to illegally obtain private information, child pornography and child abuse using community sites.

“People need to share an awareness of the problems regarding safety in cyberspace,” the report said.

The NPA carried out its second white paper on cybercrime since 2006, citing deepening concerns about mistreatment of the anonymity provided by the Internet to make it a hotbed for crime.

It found that 15.8% of the 3,441 people it surveyed had either personally been caught up in a cybercrime or knew of friends or relatives that had been.

The NPA conducted the survey in January among people renewing their driver’s license.

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