Cool July eases power pressure, avoids blackouts


TOKYO (majirox news) — A legal obligation to reduce electricity use, efforts to cooperate by ordinary households and a cool second half of the month allowed power use in areas serviced by the Tokyo and Tohoku electric power companies to drop an estimated 10% to 20% during July, avoiding blackouts.

Power supply in the Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) service area hit a peak of 46.27 million kilowatts on July 15, a significant reduction on the 2010 single day record of 59.99 kilowatts.

Temperatures are expected to rise during August and consumers are being urged to continue to keep electricity use at the lowest possible levels.

Large-scale power consumers were legally obliged from July 1 to reduce consumption by 15%. Ordinary households are also being asked to cooperate with efforts to cut electricity consumption. These measures, combined with cooler than normal temperatures for the latter half of the month kept power consumption below levels that would force blackouts due to an inability to supply electricity.

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