Mitsubishi Heavy wins contract to build world-class cruise ships


TOKYO (majirox news) — Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. has secured contracts to build two 125,000-ton passenger ships, making them among the world’s largest cruise liners, the company said Aug. 3.

The deals secured with Carnival Corporation & PLC mark the first shipbuilding contracts Mitsubishi Heavy has secured in 12 years and the ships capable of carrying 3,250 passengers will be the biggest passenger liners the company has ever built.

Mitsubishi Heavy did not disclose the amount it will be paid for the work.

Mitsubishi Heavy will build the ships at its Nagasaki Shipyards for the Carnival group’s AIDA Cruises.

Mitsubishi Heavy last received a large-scale passenger ship order in June 1999. Carnival commissioned it to build two 16,000-ton large passenger cruise ships, but the Diamond Princess caught fire during construction in 2002 and the company has since secured no new contracts.

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2 Responses to Mitsubishi Heavy wins contract to build world-class cruise ships

  1. mr bond on 08/05/2011 at 5:02 am

    It is good to see the Nagasaki yard getting this order for these very large cruise ships. Mitsubishi must be pleased as punch. And its a sign, too, of busy tourism in the world, an indication of global health, I think

  2. Eimei Kashihara on 08/05/2011 at 3:36 pm

    I really want to go to Nagasaki yard and see this the biggest ship in the world being built. It is great news for us and for Japan.
    I wonder if the company would allow me to see the work in progress at Nagasaki in half a year`s time.

    Eimei, 11 years old, Tokyo

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