Safecast launches map with 500,000 radiation measurements


TOKYO (majirox news) — Safecast launched its new map on Aug. 11 with over 500,000 radiation measurements throughout Japan. For each square, the geiger readings have been collected and color-coded.
(click here to see radiation measurements

“The new Safecast map covers not only Fukushima, but also other prefectures all the way from Shizouka prefecture to the Tohoku region,” said Pieter Franken, senior visiting researcher at Keio University and co-founder of Safecast. “One strength of the map is that the data is measured with identical equipment under identical conditions, and allows values to be compared between locations. The other strength of the map is that one can see radiation measurements at the street level.”

Franken added that the data available from the government and other agencies is typically sparse and shows only a few points in the city.

“But Safecast show thousands of points and localized hot spots within the city with the radiation levels our volunteers measured,” Franked told Majirox News. “By talking to the people in the affected areas we have learned they really want to know what the levels are in their own neighborhood, not an average for the city.”

Safecast, an international volunteer organization, works with Tokyo HackerSpace to help people affected by Japan’s disasters. The organization was created by a handful of people one week after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant started leaking radiation March 11, following the earthquake and tsunami in northeastern Japan.

Safecast currently provides people with data on levels of radioactivity from the country’s schoolyards, highways, farmlands and cities all over Japan.

Link to “HackerSpace gets the data” —
Link to “Tokyo Hackerspace volunteers take ‘people power” —’s-volunteers-take-‘people-power’-to-radiation-monitoring/

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