Devastated town’s seafood sellers begin online business


MORIOKA, Iwate (majirox news) — Fisheries industry figures from the devastated Iwate prefecture town of Otsuchi have online fundraising to rebuild from the destruction inflicted upon them by the March 11 tsunami.

All 17 marine-related businesses in Otsuchi were wiped out when the massive wave destroyed about 90% of the town and only four have restarted operations during the last five months.

Seafood salesman Masakazu Haga spearheaded efforts online to get the money needed to resurrect what had been the struggling town’s mainstay.

“If we don’t do something for our home, nobody else is gonna do it for us,” Haga said.

The four remaining companies are currently seeking investments of 10,000 yen ($130). Once the town’s production facilities are rebuilt, investors will be sent a fresh wrapped salmon. Otsuchi seafood sellers intend to use their efforts to recover from the devastation as part of their product branding.

Otsuchi is seeking money for capital investment throughout Japan, especially as some in the business had laid out considerable funds immediately before the tsunami hit, making the disaster deal a double blow. Otsuchi seafood sellers will bolster their online efforts by appearing with special products at various sales events in Tokyo throughout October and November.

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