Osaka-based British rakugo comic hacked


Raguko comic Kichijitsu

OSAKA (majirox news) — Hackers broke into an e-mail account belonging to Osaka-based British rakugo performer Diane Kichijitsu and sent almost 1,000 mails to people in her address book asking them for money, it was discovered Aug. 17.

Kichijitsu learned of the identity theft when she began receiving mails from friends telling her that “she” had contacted them by e-mail, saying that she was in Spain and all her money had been stolen. She had no way out of the country and asked them to send her money.

Kichijitsu said that she had so far been unable to confirm whether anybody had actually transferred any money.

“My friends know I’m not the type to borrow money, so that makes me afraid,” she said. “I just want my life to get back to normal.”

Kichijitsu registered the e-mail address on June 7. Mails continue being sent from her account, other e-mail addresses and her Facebook page, which have also been hacked.

The Briton arrived in Japan in 1990 and performs rakugo in both English and Japanese.

Rakugo is old Japanese comical storytelling and an art form unique in the world. Rakugo storytellers, who usually remain seated throughout performances, rely on words and facial expressions to portray various characters. Audience members are encouraged to use their imaginations while listening to the stories

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