U.S. planned to evacuate 90,000 citizens from Tokyo, book claims


Kevin Maher

TOKYO (majirox news) — The United States government planned to evacuate 90,000 U.S. citizens from Tokyo immediately following the meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in March, it has been alleged.

The claim was made by Kevin Maher, controversial former Director of the Office of Japan Affairs in his Japanese-language book The Japan that Can’t Decide, to be released Aug. 19.

Maher says in the book that he argued against the evacuation, saying that it would cause panic among other foreign countries’ governments and the Japanese.

Maher was part of a special U.S. State Department task force liaising with the Japanese in the wake of the March 11 disasters and his book apparently goes behind the scenes of what happened at that time.

Maher’s book says discussion of evacuating Americans from Tokyo was proposed during a meeting in the early hours of March 16. An unmanned U.S. Global Hawk drone flying detected inordinately high temperatures emanating from the Fukushima Daiichi reactor and determined that it had already gone into meltdown.

Maher says in the book that the response to the crisis by Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s administration provoked widespread mistrust.

The former Japan Affairs Office director went on to say he opposed evacuating Americans from Tokyo as doing so would rock the foundations of the Japan-U.S. alliance.

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