Headline-grabbing fish head mascot calls it a day


Mascot Katsuo Ningen

TOKYO (majirox news) — Katsuo Ningen, which attracted considerable attention for being a severed fish head clad in a loincloth, ended its official duties as the Koichi prefecture mascot at a ceremony in Tokyo’s Ginza district on Aug. 31.

The mascot was derived from bonito head, a delicacy for which Kochi prefecture is well-known.

Katsuo Ningen was presented with a certificate of appreciation and commemorative gift to thank the mascot for its efforts to promote Kochi prefecture.

“Thank you. I’m going to return to being a normal bonito person from tomorrow,” the mascot said through a message written on a whiteboard.

Kochi Prefectural Government officials said that Katsuo Ningen would not be retired completely, but would work at times only within the prefecture.

It is common for Japanese prefectures and municipalities to create characters to promote themselves, with many such as Katsuo Ningen garnering popularity for their outlandish appearance.

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