Controversial ex-Morning Musume star attempts suicide


TOKYO (majirox news) — Former Morning Musume star, performer Ai Kago, was hospitalized in Tokyo on Sept. 11 following an apparent attempt to take her own life, an Azabu Police Station official said.

Police said Kago had taken a large quantity of what had appeared to be stabilizers and cuts suggested she had slashed her wrists, but the 23-year-old’s life was not in danger even though she was showing the effects of the drugs.

Kago was questioned last week by the police over allegations surrounding her involvement in an incident that led to her partner’s arrest over ties with organized crime.

Police had questioned Kago in connection with their case against her partner, Haruhiko Ando, 44, a restaurant operation company executive under arrest for attempted blackmail. Ando is accused of boasting links to the head of an organized crime gang to try and threaten his way out of debts totaling 20 million yen ($260,000).

Kago won the 4th National Audtion of Morning Musume in 2000 when she was 12 years old, which led to her acceptance into the popular girl band as a 4th generation member.

After a series of scandals she was let go by her agency, Up-Front Works. Photos of the under-age Kago smoking were leaked in 2006 by the media and she was suspended for one year by her agency. In 2007 she was caught once again smoking. As a result, her contract was permanently terminated. After a year’s hiatus, she signed a contract with R&A Promotions Co.,Ltd and worked toward rebuilding her career as an actress and singer.

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