Police apologize after woman loses control in police car


TSU (majirox news) — Mie Prefectural Police have apologized after a woman lost control of her bladder while being questioned inside a police patrol car and after having repeatedly implored officers to allow her to use a restroom.

“She didn’t seem to have been overly tense, so officers assumed she would be able to hold on, but they did not show enough consideration,” Hisashi Fukuda, deputy chief of the Kita Police Station in Yokkaichi, Mie prefecture, said.

Station officials said a police patrol car picked up the woman in her 50s after she ignored a stop sign on the afternoon of Sept. 15. Two officials took the woman into a patrol car and began questioning her.

After being questioned for about 45 minutes, the woman told officers that she needed to use the restroom. Officers refused to allow her to leave, saying that they would soon finish and that she should hold on.

A further 20 minutes passed and the woman told officers she could hold on no longer and lost control of her bladder on the way to using a nearby convenience store restroom, police said.

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