Local gov’t opposition to nuclear plants growing


Hamoka nuclear power plant

SHIZUOKA (majirox news) — Yaizu Mayor Yasushi Shimizu told reporters Oct. 3 that the nearby Hamaoka nuclear power plant should be halted “for eternity,” joining a growing list of opponents to the generator operated by the Chubu Electric Power Co. (Chuden).

“I’ve thought it should be stopped for eternity until now, but once (the neighboring city of) Makinohara made clear its thoughts, I joined them in making a statement,” said Shimizu, whose city in Shizuoka prefecture lies within 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) of the plant in the adjacent municipality of Omaezaki. “People can’t control nuclear power, so it’s difficult to ensure safety and security.”

Makinohara has come out strongly against the Hamaoka power plant, located just 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) away from the city. Last month, the Makinohara Municipal Assembly passed a powerfully worded resolution against the plant.

“As long as safety and security cannot be confirmed or secured for the future, the reactor should be halted for eternity,” the resolution said. Makinohara Mayor Shigeki Nishihara supported the resolution and also called for a permanent shutdown of the plant.

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