Delinquent youths to clean up disaster area


NAGANO (majirox news) — For the first time since the Fukushima nuclear crisis, a group of delinquent youths will be sent to the disaster area to help clean up the city of Sendai, according to the Nagano prefectural police. The city of one million people lies about 64 kilometers (40 miles) from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, just outside the evacuation zone.

The aim is to provide the youths with the experience of contributing to society.

“Visiting the affected area, which is holding on and trying to cope with the devastating situation after the (March 11) earthquake and tsunami, will give them a chance to think about their future again and change their ways,” the police spokesman said.

The group from Nagano prefecture is comprised of seven boys, between 15 and 18 years of age, who volunteered to go to Sendai. The crimes they committed range from shop lifting to stealing bikes. They will begin working in the city on Oct. 14, where they will help to take the sludge out of the houses and clean up the fields and gardens.

The Nagano prefectural police will provide transportation and the Shop Lifting Prevention Council of the prefecture will cover the expenses

Six police officers and three students from Shinshu University in Nagano prefecture who will provide consultation for the youths will accompany them and report on their progress on Oct. 16.

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