Luxury cars cruise above sales slump in Japan

Lamborghini Aventador

TOKYO (majirox news) — Despite the country’s sluggish economy, hyper-luxury sports cars are taking up residence in wealthy Japanese enthusiasts’ garages. Sales have been steady, and these buyers are lapping up cars that cost tens of millions of yen.

Take Italy’s Lamborghini, the Bologna factory debuted its flagship model, the Aventador, this year. This supercar costs 41 million yen ($547,000.00) and has already sold out. If you’re on the waiting list for the 2012 model expect a delivery time of a year and a half from now.

About 55 of the British specialists McLaren’s sports car, the MP4-12 C, which cost 27.9 million yen ($372,000.00), have already been ordered. Under the bonnet lurks a 600HP beast that catapults the car to a maximum velocity of 330 kilos (205 miles) per hour.

Another British marquee, Rolls-Royce Limited, just unveiled new specs for its luxury sedan “Ghost,” which costs 35 million yen ($467,000.00). This silent behemoth features rear doors, called “coach doors,” that open forward and add a touch of class to disembarking passengers.

Rolls Royce Ghost

Yuji Toyama, a well-heeled business owner who drives a top of the line Bentley, says, “I love the stately elegance of the car.” His 31-year-old son can also be seen tooling around Tokyo in it.

Many of these car’s ultra wealthy owners choose to remain anonymous, some of whom represent the emerging segment of the digitally astute generation of Y drivers in their mid 30s.

Although Japan’s economy has been slow, the climate for spending on expensive high tier luxury cars remains sunny, and the country has quickly become a key market for discerning customers.

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