Smartphone security smack down


TOKYO (majirox news) — The Ministry of Internal Affairs announced on Oct. 11 that they have formed a group to study security measures for the smartphone. The high-end mobile phone combines the functions of a personal digital assistant (PDA) and a mobile phone.

The phone’s sellers and application developers need to do more to prevent malicious software attacks by hackers. The abuse includes programs designed to disrupt or deny operation, gathering information that leads to loss of privacy or exploitation and gaining unauthorized access to system resources. In 2011, malicious software, disguised as a popular Android application, infected thousands of phones.

Mobile phones do not enjoy the same ease of accessibly to the Internet as that of a computer. Although they can use a variety of software, some contain malicious software that steals personal information. A majority of malicious programs are still designed to attack PCs, yet there is evidence that some tech criminals are turning their attention to smartphones, which have gained popularity with consumers.

“Because the smartphones is like carrying a computer and can download many applications, there’s more possibilities for hackers to sniff information,” said Shingo Kobayahi, of Cyber Defense. “They can get into your phone call records, memos, how much money you spend, your PDF files and a lot more.”

Taeshi Ikeda, a research director of It and security at Gartner Japan, says, data on the mobile devices can be easily shared with others by SNS services. In fact, companies consider whether they should use mobile devices in business because they worry about security.

“This past summer, a consumer smartphone application easily shared location data with others. Then, people became worried about the privacy data inside their mobile phones.”

The group will be comprised of electronics manufacturers, including NTT, DoCoMo smartphone companies, and representatives from information security companies. They will consider how individual and businesses can store data on the Internet for safety measures.

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