Bicycle accidents on the rise around Tokyo


TOKYO (majirox news) — Six months after Japan’s earthquake, bicycle accidents have shot up dramatically in Tokyo. For example, in April there was an increase of 16 percent compared to the same month last year. Fatal accidents were also noted to be significantly increased this year.

“When the trains were halted after the earthquake there was an increase in the number of accidents,” said the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD).

There were 26 deaths and a total of 12,188 accidents in Tokyo from March until the end of August, representing 30 percent of the country’s accidents.

In Tokyo, where bicycle transportation has in the past received little attention from companies, the MPD has requested employees from large companies participate in a workshop on “education awareness about riding bikes.”

Causes of accidents are typically attributed to cyclist going through red lights and no headlights on their bicycles.

“Accidents also occurred while people were talking on their cell phones and cyclists who failed to follow the rules of the road,” police said.

Of course, bicycle accidents can be extremely serious. The bicyclist is no match for a car, and injuries can range from slight, to severe fractures to death from the bicycle accident.

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