Donor leaves 40 million yen donation in toilet


The toilet where the money was found

AOMORI (majirox news) — A donor left a bundle of 40 million yen ($518,000) in cash in a toilet at Hachinobe City Hall in Aomori prefecture together with a note saying, “let the people of the four prefectures affected by the March 11 earthquake and subsequent tsunami use 10 million yen ($130,000) each,” Hachinobe officials said.

Hachinobe officials announced the discovery on Oct. 28, saying if the benefactor did not have a change of heart and come forward to reclaim the money, they would send the cash to Fuksushima, Miyagi, Iwate and Aomori prefectures. Officials also asked people not to leave money in a toilet because it was likely to be stolen. They should contact the city government if they wished to donate money.

There was a similar donation made on Sept. 22, when an anonymous benefactor left 10 million in cash together with a note in a toilet at Sakado city in Saitama prefecture. The note read: “I’m all alone. Please let the people of Tohoku (the victims of the tsunami) use this.”

“We are very grateful and moved by this donation from a citizen,” Deputy Mayor Shuichi Naraoka said.

City officials said a government employee found the cash and note in a multi-purpose toilet on the first floor of City Hall’s Annex building on Oct. 27. It was wrapped in a black plastic bag and placed on a small, round chair in the toilet.

Officials said if the person who left the money in the toilet can be identified it cannot be recognized as lost property. The city will, however, in accordance with the law, hold the cash for three months after which time the city will be entitled to claim the cash if the rightful owner does not do so.

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