4 children among dead in burnt-out car


The area of Misakiguchi in Kanagawa Prefecture

KANAGAWA (majirox news) — Police in Yokosuka, where the principal Japanese and US Naval bases in the Tokyo area are located, were horrified to find six bodies in a burnt-out car when they responded to a report from a passing motorist.

Three children were found dead in the back seat and in the front seat were two adults, one of them clutching a young girl. The interior of the car had been entirely gutted by flames, and what appeared to be a can of gasoline was found by the side of the car.

The license plates of the car were unregistered, and police believe they were possibly from a vehicle whose registration had run out. The car was tracked to a 45-year-old male in nearby Fujizawa City, who claimed that his common-law wife had taken their three children with her and driven off on Nov. 2 and hadn’t been seen since then. The man claimed that he tried to contact her parents, but was unable to reach anyone.

The police are treating the deaths as suspicious.

Police say that the driver who called in the report said at around 10:50 p.m. on Nov. 3, he and a friend saw a car stopped in an area of scattered houses and fields about 3 kilometers from Misakuguchi station on the Keio Kyukou Line while out on a drive. They saw an older man and a middle aged woman next to the car. According to the witness, the woman was squatting down next to the car as though she was doing something; the driver stopped and his friend asked her, “Are you looking for the park?” the woman answered,”No,” so they drove away.

When the driver returned along the same route about 25 minutes later, he saw the car ablaze in a pillar of flame and called the police.

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