Bianca Jagger delivers protest letter to Japanese ambassador


TOKYO (majriox news) — Bianca Jagger delivered a letter to Japan’s ambassador to London Nov. 2, protesting the government’s handling of radioactive rubble and contaminated food.

“The letter I delivered to Ambassador Keiichi Hayashi is on behalf of the thousands of Japanese mothers who live in fear of the radioactive exposure from the Fukushima disaster,” said Jagger, founder and chair of the Bianca Human Rights Foundation. The Nicaraguan-born human social and human rights activist has been awarded numerous international humanitarian awards. She was formerly known as an actress, model and the first wife of Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones.

She added that there were piles of radioactive rubble accumulated from the wreckage left by the March 11 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that devastated the region.

“The Japanese government is systematically spreading, burning and dumping radioactive material and publicly hosting events to eat food from Fukushima as patriotic,” Jagger said. “If other local governments in Japan decide to follow Tokyo’s lead (to accept contaminated rubble), it will cause areas that are not yet directly impacted by the radioactive spill to contaminate their local soil and water.”

Additionally, she said the government should lower the radiation safety standards back to the pre-disaster levels and evacuate those who live near highly contaminated areas.

She warned Japan’s government that only a change in its policies could prevent a tragic outcome.

“No one can deny that huge environmental gamble is now being waged, ” Jagger said. “The government should take the appropriate actions to protect the present and future generations.”

Link to the letter:

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One Response to Bianca Jagger delivers protest letter to Japanese ambassador

  1. Casper on 11/07/2011 at 11:26 pm

    Where exactly in Tokyo are they “accepting” the rubble. Someone in the Tokyo government needs to get their head(s?) examined.

    Hey, one way to keep those “Japanese” islands in the hands of the Japanese – why don’t they put the radioactive rubble there? That would keep the other countries away from the islands for awhile. Anyway, just a thought…

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