Informant sues Yomiuri TV for 63 million yen for failing to protect him


OSAKA (majirox news) — A lawsuit was filed against the Yomiuri TV Broadcasting Company for 63 million yen ($808,000) Nov. 8 at the Osaka District Court.

A 51-year-old unidentified man claims that he was attacked as a direct result of Yomiuri TV, which failed to sufficiently disguise his voice and appearance as promised when he appeared on their program under a fake name.

The program exposed a racket where welfare drug recipients resold psychotropic drugs on the black market. Two days after the man exposed the details of the underground trafficking of these drugs, he was subjected to a vicious attack that left him with a fractured skull. The Osaka police are treating it as a murder attempt. The victim said, “This attack is (clearly) in revenge for my cooperation with the expose program.”

According to the lawsuit, Yomiuri TV broadcasted a program that showed welfare recipients abusing medical programs they received to funnel psychotropic drugs and obtained for free into the underground black market in the Saijo and Airin areas of Osaka. From last September onwards, the assault victim had met a number of times with the Yomiuri TV reporters. They shot him explaining the way the drugs were obtained and where they were sold, which was broadcasted by the Yomiuri.

“I was told by the TV crew that they would absolutely not show my face,” the victim alleged. “They said they would blur my face on the program.”

However, they showed the entry-hall of his house, the interior of the room, his voice was not disguised and his hands were not blurred (which could also identify him). He was attacked at 9:30 a.m. on Dec. 30, only 40 hours after the show was aired. He was hospitalized for four months, and has since qualified for government disability as a result of his injuries.

The victim’s lawyers said, “My client clearly told the Yomiuri TV reporters that gangsters were mixed up in this, and there was a strong possibility that they’ll try to get their revenge on Yomiuri TV. So he certainly warned them.”

The Yomiuri TV noted that they took sufficient care to protect the privacy of the interviewee and that the incident was regrettable.

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