Japanese company develops painless needles


TOKYO ( majriox news) — An ultra-fine needle less than 10 micrometers in diameter that is pain free has been developed by ASTI CO., LTD, a vehicle equipment manufacturer, in Shizuoka prefecture, said Kenpei Onozuka, president of ASTI, on Nov. 7. The microneedle is a tiny, painless replacement for the larger and intimidating needle.

The microneedle will be used as a way of delivering vaccines and drugs, especially insulin injections for diabetics.

“Because the microneedle does not break the dermis or second layer of skin it does not irritate or cause pain,” Onozuka said.

The company’s medical team of doctors made the high strength needles from glycolic acid molded plastic.

ASTI is now seeking to commercialize the needles.

“We will explore the markets at home and overseas,” Onozuka said.

ASTI will start shipping the samples to companies in January 2012. The total sales are projected to reach 1 billion yen ($12.8 million) in five years.

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