Hungry mother and son arrested for not paying restaurant bill


Typical family restaurant food

TOKYO (majirox news) — A mother and son were arrested at midnight on Nov. 22 for not paying their bill at a family restaurant at Higashine City in Yamagata Prefecture, police said.

The unemployed Sadami Aoki, 53, and her son, Shota Aoki, 23, ordered steaks and dumplings worth 2,985 yen ($38).

The mother told the cashier, “We don’t have any money, so call the police. We haven’t eaten anything except miso and water for the last week and we couldn’t endure it anymore.”

They had less than 100 yen ($1.15) with them at the time of their arrest.

Another restaurant owner wondered, “Why didn’t they just make them wash dishes to pay it off?”

He added, it’s also not too unusual for people to ask for free food at the back doors of restaurants.

No other details were given.

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