Japan’s Buddhist Federation takes stand against nuclear power


Japan's Buddhist Federation

TOKYO (majirox news) — The Japan Buddhist Federation requested that Japan move toward reducing its dependence on nuclear power.

“Nuclear power threatens life. We aim to establish a society based on sustainable energy that does not rely on nuclear energy,” they wrote in a Dec. 1 statement.

The federation described the reality of life for the people living in the contaminated areas as dire.

“Their lives have been threatened and are unmanageable because of the nuclear waste, which only served to produce profits and convenience. We have to reflect on what we have brought about,” they said.

The federation consists of about 96 million Buddhists belonging to an estimated 75,000 temples, centers of worship and missionary branches throughout Japan, according to a national census. The federation is the only organization representing mainstream Buddhism in Japan. Its membership makes up 90 percent of all Buddhist organizations in Japan, including 59 main denominations and prefectural Buddhist associations.

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