Christmas is a really big deal in Japan


TOKYO (majirox news) — Christmas lights line the streets of Tokyo, and crowds head toward the stores to buy gifts from staff wearing Christmas hats and Santa Claus outfits. It’s hard to believe you’re in Japan.

They give gifts, eat roast chicken and a special Christmas cake (which is a glorified strawberry shortcake with icing), round sponge cakes, and whipped cream and juicy strawberries to celebrate, even though Dec. 25 is not a national holiday. Some go to special dinner shows, fancy restaurants or hotels.

Many spend their money on Christmas trees and decorate their homes with evergreens and other seasonal decorations.

The holiday is getting bigger every year, but it is mainly commercial because only about one percent of the Japanese are Christians. According to a survey by, about 54 percent of Japanese say Christmas is special to them, especially women and teenagers.

The Japanese have adopted other Western traditions, including Halloween and Valentine’s Day.

Christmas first came to the country with the first Europeans in the 16th century, and only became popular in recent decades, as people from all over the world have come to Japan.

Christmas in Tokyo by Hide

Christmas in Tokyo by Hide

Christmas at Tokyo by Hide

Roppongi Hills in Tokyo Photo: David Powell

Roppongi Hills at Christmas Photo: David Powell

KFC at Tokyo Photo: David Powell

KFC at Tokyo Photo: David Powell

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