Boars gone wild in Fukushima


TOKYO (majirox news) — Japanese farmers asked the authorities on Friday to do more to prevent wild boars from damaging their crops at Fukushima prefecture. They say the boars are destroying their crops by eating them, and they appealed to local authorities for assistance in getting rid of the boars.

A decrease in hunting after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident is being blamed for the increase in the boar population. There were 30 percent fewer hunters this season, which lasts four months, starting from mid-November. There were 3,291 registered hunters as of Nov. 15, compared to 4,779 registered at the same time last year. Hunters register their traps and guns every season.

“Many hunters left their shotguns behind in their homes in the evacuated areas and they can’t return to get them, while others are too scared to go into the areas that contain or may radiation,” a farmer spokesman said. Another concern is that the boars themselves may contain high levels of radiation, since they move into and out of the contaminated areas.

Hunts are normally organized to keep the boar population under control. Hunters go into the woods, and hunting dogs are used to drive the boars toward a hunter who then shoots them with a shotgun. Nonetheless, controlling the population is difficult, and the population keeps increasing, as the boars can have 3 litters each year with up to 14 babies each time.

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One Response to Boars gone wild in Fukushima

  1. unspokenhermit on 12/31/2011 at 1:31 am

    Hunting the boars massively should not be the solution to get rid of this problem. If they can be managed in a planned way, would be good for the environment.

    I recently discovered the following dispersion model, which someone had linked to Berkeley’s discussion page. It uses TEPCO emission data to model possible dispersion patterns for Neptunium and Plutonium

    If this model is accurate, it is very disturbing. Where are all of the so-called experts who claimed these elements were too heavy to travel far from the plant site?


    I just found this new study, produced independent organization Datapoke, concerning the estimated concentrations of radionuclides at upper altitudes. The

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