iPad catches thief in Fukuoka


TOKYO (majirox news) — Smart technology is becoming a valuable crime-fighting tool. A stolen iPad hunted down a thief on Jan. 7 in the Fukuoka prefecture.

A man received his bag back after his iPad, which was inside the bag and was equipped with tracking software, notified him of its whereabouts. He immediately called the police.

The police found the thief walking down a street in Kitakyushu City with the stolen bag, whereupon the unemployed 19-year-old male was arrested and charged with theft.

The theft took place happened in the early evening on Jan. 6 while the victim was sleeping in a lounge on the second floor of a pachinko parlor.

The man was mystified until a few lines of code on his friend’s iPhone gave away the thief’s location.

Aside from the iPad, the bag contained 90,000 yen ($1,165).

Thieves who believe that they can easily outwit iPads be warned: do not underestimate smart technology.

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