Prison Break: Chinese escapee climbs over Hiroshima Prison wall


Hiroshima Prison

TOKYO (majirox news) — A Chinese man convicted of attempted murder who was sentenced behind bars managed to escape Hiroshima Prison Wednesday morning, prison officials said.

Authorities reported that Li Lin, 40, was last seen exercising in the prison about 11 a.m. Prison officers noticed him missing during a roll-call minutes later.

A surveillance camera caught him climbing over a prison wall. Later, Li Lin’s prison clothes were found near the area where he had been exercising with other inmates.

According to the Asahi Newspaper, a construction worker who was outside the prison said, “I saw a man who was crouched outside the prison wall.”

Another witness said he saw a man running between nearby apartments dressed in white.

Meanwhile, prison officials told the Hiroshima City Board of Education to warn nearby elementary, junior high and high schools about the escapee.

Officers said they are searching for Li Lin.

At this time, no other details about him or the prison break were given.


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