Update: Escaped convict caught in Hiroshima City


Update: Police have apprehended Li Lin who prompted a large-scale search two kilometers from Hiroshima Prison Friday afternoon. He was armed with only a fruit knife and did not resist arrest.

According to authorities, he broke into neighboring homes on Thursday and stole training clothes, a down jacket, face mask, knitted cap and toothbrush. The convict ate rice and drank beer at one of the homes. The DNA analysis from the beer can confirmed it was Li Lin.

Convict breaks free – for the second time

Li Lin escaped Hiroshima Prison on Jan.11

TOKYO (majirox news) — Li Lin, arrested in 2005 following his shooting at a police officer when asked for his identification, has still not been apprehended after escaping Hiroshima Prison Jan. 11, after climbing over the prison wall.

The 40-year old, sentenced to 23 years’ imprisonment in 2008, is one of the most wanted and dangerous men in Japan, according to authorities.

This is the second time that Li Lin has broken free of custody. In 2005, while being treated for a broken foot at a local hospital, he stole the prison van and drove away, but was re-captured only 30 minutes later.

On this latest occasion, he escaped by scaling a 5-meter (16 ft) wall, which was in the process of having a new security system installed. To aid him in his breakout, he employed a 3-meter (10 ft) scaffold.

“We usually have a special warning buzzer, but we were in the middle of reinstalling a new one,” prison authorities said, adding an apology for not informing the public about the break for over an hour, having been under the impression that Li Lin was still within the penitentiary.

Prison Break: http://www.majiroxnews.com/2012/01/11/prison-break-chinese-escapee-climbs-over-hiroshima-prison-wall/

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