Catherine Makino

Catherine Makino is based in Tokyo and has broadcast and written for national and international publications including the Los Angeles Times, Inter Press Service, the San Francisco Chronicle, Voice of America, Asian Wall Street Journal and many others.

UN Slams Japan over Culture of Child Sex

Credit: Dick Thomas Johnson on Flickr, under Creative Commons

TOKYO (majiroxnews)–When Mari Christine Tsunoda thinks of the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympics Games to be held in Japan, she worries about what will happen in a country where children, in her view, are already too vulnerable to sexual exploitation. “There will be a great influx of foreigners coming to Japan for the summer...
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Dissenting judge breaks 40-year silence


The following article was originally written and published in 2007 about Iwao Hakamada. He recently was found innocent and freed after serving on death row for 48 years. By IPS Correspondent Catherine Makino TOKYO, Nov 11 2007 (IPS) – Norimichi Kumamoto says he still feels “tremendous anger” and cannot maintain his silence any longer....
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Banish that bug


Beware the hidden eyes and ears TOKYO (majirox news) In Japan’s big cities, specialist “bug-hunters” cruise the streets in cars crammed with electronic gear, scanning for frequencies that reveal a hidden listening device. These specialists trace the devices to their exact location and alert residents of the bugged premises. Once granted permission to explore...
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Rape victim of US military in Japan wins US case


News of a ruling in Milwaukee broke in late November in favor of Catherine Fisher’s 12-year legal struggle. “This victory is not only for her, but also for other victims of sexual violence by U.S. military personnel,” said one women’s rights advocate TOKYO (majirox news) — A 12-year battle for justice took an enormous...
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Telecommuting as workforce alternative


Mobile workers improve production, save money TOKYO (majirox news) — They are called telecommuters. They set up their laptops and other mobile devices at cafés such as Starbucks, in serviced offices or at home. Advances in technology, such as video- and tele-conferencing, smartphones and tablets, are cutting the ties between people and offices –...
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Nobel Prize-winning discovery gives hope to Hiro Fujita


Scroll down to read in Japanese 日本語を読むにはスクロールダウンして下さい The Japanese are celebrating the winner of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Medicine. Shinya Yamanaka shared the prize with the British scientist, John Gurden for breakthrough work in cell research. The new techniques open the door to new methods to diagnose and treat many types of diseases,...
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Party leaders clash over Japan’s economic and nuclear future


A debate was held at the Japan National Press Club between the leaders of the different parties contesting next month’s parliamentary election. The main focus was on the leaders of the two major parties, the ruling Democratic Party of Japan and the opposition Liberal Democratic Party, but nine other smaller parties and groupings made...
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Fitch cuts Sony, Panasonic ratings to junk status


Japan Inc.’s reputation recently took a tumble, when ratings agency Fitch downgraded bonds issued by industry icons Sony and Panasonic to levels regarded as “junk.” A combination of factors brought about this circumstance, which caused jitters in the stock prices of these enterprises. TOKYO (majirox news) — In more bad news for Japan, ratings...
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Toyota announces massive global recall


Toyota Motor Corporation, one of the world’s leading auto manufacturers, recalled a whopping 7.4 million cars. Around the world reports spread of a manufacturing fault that could lead to a vehicle fire if the issue was not properly resolved. TOKYO (majirox news) — Toyota Motor Corporation’s reputation has suffered since a series of major...
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Smartphones, smartcars and new technology at Asia’s largest fair


Asia’s largest technology show, called CEATEC, gave visitors a glimpse of tomorrow. Among many attractions was a car that changes from a caterpillar to a butterfly, a new standard in high-definition TV and houses that can be controlled from your mobile phone. TOKYO (majirox news) — The largest electronics and technology show in Asia,...
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