Will Japan Become a Nation of Immigrants?


Japan has a thousand-year-old history of being closed to immigrants. According to Hidenori Sakanaka, former director of the Tokyo Immigration Bureau and Executive Director of the Japan Immigration Policy Institute, the nation needs to make big changes to its immigration policy, “Japan needs to accept at least 10 million immigrants during the next 50 years,” Sakanaka,...
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Walking the Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge Tokyo Bay from Odaiba

Walking across the Rainbow Bridge is one of the most noteworthy walks Tokyo offers. The half-mile span takes approximately 30 minutes to cross. Many people, including Japanese, aren’t even aware that it is possible to walk across the bridge. Some compare it to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, but at 798 meters the bridge...
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UN Slams Japan over Culture of Child Sex

Credit: Dick Thomas Johnson on Flickr, under Creative Commons

TOKYO (majiroxnews)–When Mari Christine Tsunoda thinks of the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympics Games to be held in Japan, she worries about what will happen in a country where children, in her view, are already too vulnerable to sexual exploitation. “There will be a great influx of foreigners coming to Japan for the summer...
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Japanese chef turns crows into culinary delights


NAGANO (majirox news) — Most people are repulsed by the idea of eating crows. The mere mention of eating these unpopular birds is like suggesting eating rodents. It’s a shame, said Norihiko Fujiki, a French-trained chef and owner of the trendy French restaurant Espoir, because if properly prepared crows are delicious. “If we can...
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Hiro’s quest to create an ALS movement in Japan

HIro Fujita at home in his apartment in Tokyo.

Scroll down to read in Japanese 日本語を読むにはスクロールダウンして下さい TOKYO (majirox news) — Hiro was walking down his company’s hallway as he normally did, when he suddenly noticed he was experiencing difficulty raising his left arm. That was in February 2010. A few days later, he was surprised to find that hanging up his shirts was...
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Snapshots of an unbreakable bond


TOKYO (majirox news) — It takes a lot of time and effort to create the perfect shot, and tremendous creativity to compose an original series. Yet, photographer Bruce Osborn has done just that. He has captured the special relationship between parents and children, and in doing so, has taken visual storytelling to a new...
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Feral pets forming second tragedy in Fukushima Evacuation Zone

Cat at Photo Credit: Sean Bonner

Pets reverting to their wild state in the Evacuation Zone around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant are emerging as a secondary tragedy of the March 11 disasters in the Tohoku region in northern Japan, according to Elizabeth Oliver, founder of ARK, a non-profit organization that has been rescuing abused animals in Japan for...
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Japanese chick sexing a dream job not just for guys


TOKYO (majirox news) – A school that gives lessons on how to sex the chicks: Every guy’s dreams, right? According to Atsushi Nodera, Manager of the Chick Sexing Department of the Japan Livestock Technology Association, it is also the dream of more than a few young women. This year’s class at the Zen Nippon...
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Sendai driver’s video a global hit warning of tsunami dangers

Japan Tsunami-1

SENDAI (majirox news) — Sendai driver Yu Muroga unexpectedly created an Internet sensation with video footage taken from his car racking up millions of page views online in recent weeks. Muroga, who was making a delivery through Sendai’s Miyagino-ku when the March 11 tsunami struck and washed his car away in seconds even though...
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Top-selling manga getting ‘One Piece’ of the swashbuckling action


TOKYO (majirox news) – This week, One Piece, written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, was Japan’s best-selling manga series, according to Torico, operator of the Mangazenkan.com Web site. One Piece topped the best-sellers list for the first half of 2011. One Piece has a huge following not only in Japan, but also among international...
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