Dominique Milherou

Photo of the Week contributing photographer Dominique Milherou, 33, is a talented French artist with a multi-awarded site.
He has visited and photographed places throughout the world, including Bosnia-Herzegovina, Burkina Faso, Canada, Croatia, Egypt, United States, Honduras, India, Ireland, Italy, Thailand, Vietnam, Niger and England --- Read the story

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Xmas Big in Japan

Christmas lights line the streets of Tokyo while crowds head toward the stores to buy gifts from staff wearing Christmas hats and Santa Claus outfits. It’s hard to believe you’re in Japan. --- Read the story

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Blind Photog Nabs Royal Trophy

Akira Ida thought he had lost everything when he became blind as a child. However, his life changed when he discovered photography.
“Photography gave me a new purpose in life,” says the tall, attractive 33-year-old as his mother and sister proudly look on. --- Read the story

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Busted Biker Slugged Kabuki Superstar

The beaten-up Kabuki celebrity is making headlines all over Japan for all the wrong reasons. The public has been intrigued and captivated by the star’s drunken brawl since November 25th, when he was hospitalized. As part of the fall-out, all his performances have been indefinitely suspended.
--- Read the story

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