Hundreds protest Fuji TV for showing Korean programs


TOKYO (majirox news) — About 500 protestors, including families and young-children, protested outside Fuji TV on Aug. 7, complaining about the network showing too many South Korean TV programs.

Marchers bearing placards with anti-Korean slogans and waving Japanese flags gathered in the early afternoon, paraded around the network headquarters in Tokyo’s Odaiba district for about one hour and then sang Kimigayo, Japan’s national anthem, before dispersing.

The protest was sparked by the Battle Royale actor Sosuke Takaoka’s recent Twitter complaints about the prevalence of Korean shows broadcast on Fuji TV.

“I don’t really watch channel 8 (Fuji TV) anymore,” he wrote in his Twitter. “Japanese people want traditional Japanese programs.”

He later added, “It feels like Korean programs brainwash you, and it really makes me feel bad. Broadcasters need to realize its negative effect.”

Users of 2Channel, the world’s largest online bulletin board, repeatedly urged the march be carried out. To demonstrate in Tokyo, one needs permission from the Metropolitan Police Department. The group didn’t have permission, but many among them stressed they were merely “going on a walk” to avoid getting in trouble, while organizers stressed they had not formally arranged the march and people were simply gathering on their own accord.

Online Japanese news site J-Cast News said that a webcast of the demonstration on NicoNico Douga and U-Stream attracted more than 100,000 viewers.

Protestors saw meaning in the march.

“I think it’s interesting that we can see in Japan something like the revolution beginning from social networking services that happened in Egypt,” a woman protestor was quoted anonymously by J-Cast.

Another man, also not named, called the demonstration “revolutionary.”

“This demonstration directly attacking a mass media organization is revolutionary,” said the man, who the online site noted was carrying a Japanese flag. “This is far more effective than demonstrations against politicians or foreign countries.”

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One Response to Hundreds protest Fuji TV for showing Korean programs

  1. Ashglay on 08/09/2011 at 2:36 pm

    I saw this article after reading other news article writing about the same topic, mostly the Korean based news website such as, The Chosunonline.

    Compared to the Korean news website who called them the right-wing group, your article got the clear point without any prejudging against the protesting group. I recognized that the writer wants to write the facts. I carefully checked their protesting walk uploaded on Youtube.

    Although I watched they sang the their national anthem at the last of the protest, they’ve never done anything of the right-wing action during the walk. I have to doubt that Korean based English news website want to demonize the Japanese as the racist. Majirox News should keep its way to write the neutral news to show the fact without any deviation.

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