New global dangers from US obesity epidemic


Japanese researcher warns of “catastrophic consequences for the world” if current trends continue TOKYO (majirox news) — A researcher at a leading Japanese institution foresees a looming disaster – which he blames on Americans’ eating habits. Assistant Professor Futoi Oshiri of the Theoretical Physics Department at the Usoda Technical Institute claims that the Earth’s gravitational field is weakening as the result of the extra load imposed on it by...
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Dissenting judge breaks 40-year silence


The following article was originally written and published in 2007 about Iwao Hakamada. He recently was found innocent and freed after serving on death row for 48 years. By IPS Correspondent Catherine Makino TOKYO, Nov 11 2007 (IPS) – Norimichi Kumamoto says he still feels “tremendous anger” and cannot maintain his silence any longer. In 1968, he was one of three judges who sentenced a boxer to death on...
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Banish that bug


Beware the hidden eyes and ears TOKYO (majirox news) In Japan’s big cities, specialist “bug-hunters” cruise the streets in cars crammed with electronic gear, scanning for frequencies that reveal a hidden listening device. These specialists trace the devices to their exact location and alert residents of the bugged premises. Once granted permission to explore indoors, the sleuths amaze the occupants by revealing a bug contained in an everyday item...
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Rape victim of US military in Japan wins US case


News of a ruling in Milwaukee broke in late November in favor of Catherine Fisher’s 12-year legal struggle. “This victory is not only for her, but also for other victims of sexual violence by U.S. military personnel,” said one women’s rights advocate TOKYO (majirox...
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Japan’s secret bill passes upper house committee


As thousands protest, a press briefing attempted to put to rest some of the fears surrounding Japanese legislation relating to official secrets TOKYO (majirox news) — Six thousand people joined hands to form a chain around the Japanese Diet building on the evening of...
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Thousands sign petition against Japan’s Secrecy Bill


TOKYO (majirox news) — The Secrecy Bill introduced by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe appears likely to be enacted, despite the opposition of nearly 4 out of 5 Japanese (77%). It has passed the lower house of the Japanese Diet (parliament), and with the help...
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Funeral arrangement, with flower arrangements, a portrait of the deceased, and an ihai, a spirit tablet.

Priests on funerals: What’s business got to do with it

TOKYO (majirox news) — The $21 billion funeral industry is changing as more Japanese households are cutting down on the expensive business of dying during the global economic downturn. Many Japanese are choosing cheaper funerals as the aging population is growing. In fact, Japan has the highest proportion of elderly citizens over the age...



Japanese chef turns crows into culinary delights

NAGANO (majirox news) — Most people are repulsed by the idea of eating crows. The mere mention of eating these unpopular birds is like suggesting eating rodents. It’s a shame, said Norihiko Fujiki, a French-trained chef and owner of the trendy French restaurant Espoir, because if properly prepared crows are delicious. “If we can...