Snapshots of an unbreakable bond


TOKYO (majirox news) — It takes a lot of time and effort to create the perfect shot, and tremendous creativity to compose an original series. Yet, photographer Bruce Osborn has done just that.

He has captured the special relationship between parents and children, and in doing so, has taken visual storytelling to a new level. Each photo in Osborn’s series Oyako – Japanese for “parents and children” – represents a distinctive style that is layered with meaning.

The series started in 1982, when Osborn was assigned to photograph punk musicians for a magazine.

“I wanted to photograph them in a different situation than you’d normally expect and hit on the idea of taking them with their parents,” he said. “I figured it would be an amusing way to bring out the differences in lifestyles and fashions between the two generations.”

When the pictures revealed more about their similarities and shared connections, instead Osborn decided to explore this theme.

“Little did I know how big of a story it would become,” he said. “I have gone on to photograph over 3,000 oyako and it has become a life-long project.”

In 2003, Osborn and his wife started Oyako no Hi (Parents’ and Children’s Day) as an annual event that provide opportunities to re-examine these meaningful relationships.

More than 100 families came to the event this year. Osborn shot their photos in an all-day marathon session.

The first two images are the same Oyako taken at different times, followed by another four photos from Osborn’s Oyako series. The last six photos were taken at this year’s Oyako No Hi event, and are part of the 109 photos he will be showing at his exhibit. Click on each photo to enlarge.

Nakano-1982 left, 1993 right

Kida-1984 left, 2000 right











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