Tokyo Govt Cares For F-Shima Patients


TOKYO -(majirox news) – About 410 dialysis patients from Fukushima prefecture, where the earthquake and subsequent devastating tsunami occurred, finally arrived in Tokyo on the afternoon of March 17. The Tokyo metropolitan government brought them to the city on 21 buses.

Due to the earthquake, facilities in the disaster areas could not maintain their equipment which is necessary for dialysis treatment. “We can’t continue dialysis here because the water pipes are damaged and we can’t get water to keep our equipment working,” said a nurse in Fukushima.

More than 100 urology facilities and hospitals in Tokyo accepted the patients. It took the group more than six hours to arrive in Tokyo; normally it takes about three hours.

One of the patients, Hiro Yukimori, 45, said he had been getting dialysis three times a week for the last three years. Since March 11 he has only been able to receive dialysis twice.

“I felt my life was in danger,” he said. “I’m so grateful I have been able to come to Tokyo.”

He noted that some patients in the devastated areas didn’t receive any dialysis because they use wheelchairs. The hospitals in those areas couldn’t pick them up from their homes because of a lack of gasoline. “There wasn’t any food, either,” Yukimori said.

According to Ryu Akiba, a professor at Tokyo’s Women Medical University, the treatment must be maintained for these patients or their lives would be in danger.

“These facilities in the Kanto area, including Tokyo, should coordinate with each other to accept patients who cannot receive proper treatment in the disaster areas,” he said. “If it is possible, I want to accept other patients from these stricken areas.”

The information is based on an article from Asahi News

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