UPDATE: Japan bans Fukushima beef shipment over contaminated feed


Beef crisis worsens as more cattle fed contaminated feed

TOKYO (majirox news) — The government on July 19 suspended all shipments of beef cattle from Fukushima prefecture until the safety of the meat can be established.

To stop further contamination of the beef supply, the central government’s nuclear disaster task force ordered Fukushima prefecture to stop shipments of beef cattle from all areas of the prefecture until conditions for lifting the ban were achieved.

Prime Minister Naoto Kan said, “I feel responsibility for not being able to prevent this from happening and I am extremely sorry.”

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano apologized for the government’s failure to ensure that all farmers were informed of a government notice asking them not to use livestock feed that was stored outdoors.

He added that the affected farmers will be paid for the economic and psychological damage they suffered from the latest incidents, and for the losses caused from the fall in beef prices.

The government will expand probes into the use of rice straw by the cattle farmers. High levels of cesium were found in straw beyond Fukushima and 10 other prefectures currently under examination.

Farm Minister Michihiko Kano said at a news conference,”By working in unison with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare we will make sure (cesium-tainted) beef will not find its way into the market.”

Beef crisis worsens as more prefectures ship cattle fed contaminated straw
TOKYO (majirox news) — Japan’s crisis of selling beef from cattle that ate feed with radiation levels hundreds of times the legal limit widened July 18 from Fukushima prefecture to neighboring Niigata and Yamagata, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

The ministry announced cattle from Niigata and Yamagata prefectures had been found to have eaten the straw with illegally high levels of cesium, the first time farms outside of Fukushima prefecture had been found to have shipped such livestock.

The Farm Ministry had been ordering emergency inspections of beef from 11 prefectures, but this did not include either Niigata or Yamagata. It has now instructed that inspections be carried out in all prefectures across eastern Japan.

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare also issued its first nationwide directive that any meat from cattle that ate cesium-tainted straw be submitted for a safety inspection.

As of July 18, 648 head of cattle had been shipped for delivery after eating the contaminated straw.

Link: http://www.majiroxnews.com/2011/07/18/belated-ban-on-fukushima-beef-looms-as-radiation-scare-widens/


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One Response to UPDATE: Japan bans Fukushima beef shipment over contaminated feed

  1. Karl on 07/21/2011 at 3:51 pm

    Radiation, beef and the health of the citizens of Japan.

    My comments relate to two articles. 1. The 7/18 and 7/19 articles re: Belated ban on Fukushima beef.
    I just heard from NHK (7/20) that beef tainted with xxxs of times the acceptable (‘legal’) levels’ of radiation has been sent to 43 prefectures! After reading the articles mentioned above, I was asking ‘how far do you think this will spread, i.e., the shipping of tainted beef?’ Well, now we know.

    Cows are big. They can be counted, rounded up, slaughtered, sold and then disposed of. Perhaps it’s time for Japan to return to it’s fish and vegetable diet. A whole lot healthier. But, where would the fish come from? I hate to ask.
    But back to the hay or straw. One thing leads to another. If the hay from Niigata is no good then what of all the other vegetables that are grown out of doors?
    To imagine, the task of checking all these crops in all of the adjacent prefectures! This is gargantuan. A new corps of ‘experts’ is developing, who will be increasingly busy, making sure that the people of Japan are not going to be consuming food that is ‘cesium-tainted’ (or with what other isotopes are out there).
    Perhaps this is a propitious time to call up the ‘guard,’ who are not already pre-occupied with the tsunami ravaged coastal areas, to help. They are militarily trained men and women who might be disciplined enough to give leadership and get the job done, That would, I think, be a good short term tactic.
    But for the long haul (and this will be a long haul), I believe now is the time to engage every technical school in the land, every Jr. high and high school in learning how to develop alternatives, not only to energy production but to farming, agriculture, aquaculture and horticulture. Now is the time to ween the children off of their gameboys and to enlist the producers of those gadgets to think of how they might join in redirecting the attention of the multitudes of youth who have been so be-numbed by their products, to the, not only mental, but very ‘shovel and rake,’ hands-on task of a rescuing their entire nation which is under attack from within. They might even be able to utilize some of their fantasy tactics!

    Back to the hay: If the cows and the crops are tainted, what of the pigs and chickens?
    Then what about, and I hate to bring it up, the humans? Are they being tested? Now we know that when a Geiger counter( or dosimeter) is run over the bodies of cattle, the results don’t look all that bad. But when the tests are done on the inside – gulp!

    Now is NOT the time to be talking about the costs of beef! That will come. Farmers will need to be compensated for this damage that has thrust upon these humble and irreplaceable members of this society. That will have to come. The sooner, the people of Japan wake up to the fact that the farmer is at the top not the bottom, and holds the ‘food chain,’ now become a very tentative thread-like thing, in his hands, the sooner will the people get up to deal with the real issues that threaten the lives of millions. Now is not the time to be focused upon the future of TEPCO, though that will in time come to pass. I do hope it makes it, for TEPCO and their like, have got work to do for the next century. I pray that they, being humbled, will redirect their energies to developing the best and safest forms of alternative energy.

    One final word about standards?
    Would that some dear ToDai professor take the trouble to set forth, as a clearly as possible, a carefully designed and understandable graph, chart and/or list of terms and definitions of the elements, the poisons, the deadly, awful isotopes, the becarals, and the micro, macro, and mini sieverts etc, that are being so cavalierly referred to day in and day out? And would they, with all the colors that NHK likes to use, and with all the very exact numbers, which the expects glory in, then put this information up on the TV screen for all to see, and demand that it sit up on the right hand corner of the screen for 30 minutes,(for those who don’t have access to the internet) with the link to the website which these experts will most assuredly have designed for the well being of the irradiated masses.

    The reason we need these standards of measurement is to begin to understand the effects of radiation on the human body. We might know what it does to a pound of dirt, of hay or of beef, or even a liter of milk. But what does it DO to a pound of human flesh, which cannot be disposed of? We’ve gone from counting 6 to 14,..to 384 head of cattle in a week! These are cattle that have gone to market. How many have been consumed? The experts tell us that one meal or two of a Cesium-laced steak won’t hurt. Well, what about 100 meals of pork, chicken, and eel? What about the seaweed, the rice, the grapes?
    What will this DO to the citizens of this land?
    We have 1000s of reports, statistics, descriptions written since Chernobyl on the effects of THAT disaster. The Japanese have done endless research on the Hiroshima and Nagasaki fallout. Standards and measurements have been established. If they need updating, then fine, get it done and into the hands of the people, so that they may know what they are up against. How does one fight a war without knowing anything definitive about the enemy? These reports need to be distilled and set next to the information that is flowing forth out of the Fukushima disaster.
    Standards must be applied with integrity. Proverbs 11:1 says, “The Lord abhors dishonest scales, but accurate weights are His delight.”

    Karl, Kumamoto


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