Renho takes World Cup Twitter firestorm in stride


Special Advisor to the Prime Minister Renho

TOKYO (majirox news) — Special Advisor to the Prime Minister Renho promised July 21 to use “as a reference for the future” a weeklong, Twitter-based firestorm of attacks responding to her praise for Japan’s World Cup-winning women’s soccer team by blasting her for cutting sports’ budgets.

Hundreds of thousands of Net users greeted a Monday morning tweet from the Cabinet minister congratulating Nadeshiko Japan on their World Cup title with disapproval, many pointing out that she had slashed public funding for sports while serving as state minister in charge of government revitalization and consumer affairs.

Taiwanese-born Renho, who rose to become a Cabinet minister after starting out as a swimsuit model, said her views on sports budgets was influenced by whether the money was actually being used to fund cushy quasi-public sector jobs for retiring bureaucrats, a practice known as amakudari, or literally “descent from Heaven.”

“I’d like to see a record of the attacks and use them as a reference,” Renho, who uses only the one name, said, referring to the Twitter criticism. “Twitter is a media with potential. It’s very important.”

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