‘Ultraseven’ mask stolen from actor’s restaurant


YOKOHAMA (majirox news) — The Dan Moroboshi mask used in the cult hit Ultraseven TV series has been stolen from the restaurant of the actor who played the part of the superhero, according to police on July 27.

Police are searching for the perpetrator, who took the mask around July 25 from a restaurant run by Koji Moritsugu, who played Dan Moroboshi in the hit series, but left about 50 other authentic Ultra Seven items untouched.

“That mask is the real thing,” Moritsugu said. “It’s a part of me. I want it back for the fans who come to the restaurant to see it.”

Police said Moritsugu discovered the mask was missing at about noon on July 25 and immediately notified them. The restaurant had been closed that day and the mask was the only thing stolen.

“I’ve had it valued at 5 million yen (about $60,000) on a TV assessment show, but money can’t buy something like that,” Moritsugu said. “I’m really sad.”

Ultraseven was a superhero TV show forming part of the Ultraman series. It originally ran from 1967 to 1968 but Moritsugu’s character made frequent repeat appearances in future series after his run was over.

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