Fallout continues over ‘radiation rice’ caption


TOKYO (majirox news) — TV Tokai is under increasing pressure after having received more than 10,000 complaints for running an onscreen caption saying that rice from Iwate prefecture was tainted with radiation, network officials said Aug. 6.

As reported earlier in Majirox News, the regional network broadcast captions referring to produce from Iwate prefecture as “risky rice, made with cesium” and “contaminated rice, made with cesium,” and in the three days since, TV Tokai has received about 9,000 complaints via e-mail and another 1,300 through telephone calls, network officials said.

Many of the complaints have come from the areas affected by the March 11 disasters and the bulk are calling for severe punishment to be handed out to perpetrators.

On Friday night, the network broadcast a special program explaining how the captions had appeared on screens on Aug. 4, and apologized. Since the network is only broadcast to Aichi, Gifu and Mie prefectures, it also used its website to show footage of network officials apologizing at the Iwate Prefectural Government office.


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