Imperial Household Council to hold election


Imperial Palace

TOKYO (majirox news) — The Imperial Household Council, which makes important decisions regarding the Imperial Family, will hold an election on Sept. 7 due to the completion of terms of two sitting kozoku giin, or Imperial Representatives, the Imperial Household Agency said.

The election will be held in an Agency conference room instead of at the Imperial Palace, as it normally would, as part of efforts to cut down on electricity consumption.

The Imperial Household Council, chaired by the prime minister, is comprised of 10 members including the deputy speaker of the House of Representatives and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Two of the 10 council members belong to the Imperial Family, and are known as kozoku giin, or Imperial Representatives.

The current Imperial Representatives are Prince and Princess Hitachi, whose four-year terms on the council expire on Sept. 15.

Election of the Imperial Representatives is carried out by the 18 adult members of the 22-member Imperial Family. All eligible members will vote on Sept. 7. They will also elect two reserve members from among the Imperial Family.

The Imperial Household Council decides on important matters related to the Imperial Family such as changes in succession to the throne and marriage of male members of the Imperial Family. The council has not convened since January 1993, when it met to discuss the then impending marriage of Crown Prince Naruhito.

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