New survival emergency regulations for Tokyo companies


TOKYO (majirox news) — Today the Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced a new ordinance for companies in Tokyo to provide their employees with enough food and water to survive an emergency for three days.

Depending on how serious and widespread the crisis, there may be no supplies in nearby stores and no way to leave the affected area. People can only live for a short time without water and food, so a situation like this could easily turn tragic.

According to officials, if there were a massive earthquake in Tokyo, it would take three days for convoys to bring water, food and medical supplies into the capital.

In addition, officials are urging public places, such as terminals, to stay open during the emergency. During the earthquake on March 11 in Japan, thousands of people in Tokyo were stranded between home and office because transportation systems, such as the JR East Railway, were non-functional. People who cannot make it home need a safe place to stay.

Companies will not be penalized for not following the regulations, but they are urged to do so. The ordinance will go into effect in March.

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