Eldest son of the late Kim Jong-il kicked out of luxury hotel


TOKYO (majirox news) — Kim Jong Nam is the King Farouk of North Korea. In 1952, King Farouk was kicked out of Egypt by Colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser and spent his exile around swimming pools with starlets, gaining weight and plotting ineffectively to return to power.

This is similar to Kim Jong Nam, the oldest son of the recently deceased North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, who has been passed over in favor of a younger brother, Kim Jung Un, to be leader of North Korea.

Kim Jong Nam reportedly fell out of favor after 2001, when he was caught attempting to enter Japan on a fake passport to visit Tokyo Disneyland; this was just one of a long list of similar incidents. Kim Jong Nam was sent into semi-permanent exile in Macau, where he has been living large, playing high-stakes gambling and chasing women — that is, until he talked to Japan’s Tokyo Shinbun in January and said, “The present regime cannot long survive and (hereditary succession) does not fit socialism and my father was against it.”

Kim should have learned a lesson from King Farouk. When Farouk fled Egypt, he first made sure to load the entire treasury on an airplane before he left the country. Kim is dependent on a monthly check from North Korea and grants from the Chinese security apparatus. However, apparently China and North Korea cut him off and he has since had to leave his luxury 17th-story suite in Macau’s five-star hotel the Grand Lapa.

“He gave us his Visa Gold Card, but it was refused–insufficient funds,” said an unidentified source at the hotel talking to the Russian news site Arguments and Facts, which first broke the story. “The hotel kicked him out. Kim owes the Lapa $15,000.”

It looks like the Politburo decided to punish the “Communist playboy” and stopped sending him money, according to Arguments and Facts, which quoted Macau Post Daily Director Harold Bruning.

What comes next?

Farouk went into exile determined to continue to enjoy his lavish lifestyle. Weighing more than 300 pounds, he was described as “a stomach with a head.” He collapsed and died at the Ile de France restaurant in Rome.

It may not be quite so easy for Kim. Apparently, the Chinese are keeping him as a “dictator in waiting,” in case the North Korean regime collapses and he can be installed as a convenient figurehead of the Chinese.

But the North Koreans are not about to go for this. At any time, the split between the two brothers (or half-brothers, as some contend) could become deadly for Kim Jong Nam. This makes the government of Macau nervous.

“Who knows what might happen to him?” said a source for Arguments and Facts within the Macau government. “What if there is an assassination attempt against him, a blast or a contract killing?”

Whatever happens, nobody is ever going to accept a credit card again from Kim Jong Nam without checking the balance first.

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