Wheelchair fails to slow down rock star, composer, actor and author


Just because you fall, doesn’t mean you’re out of it

TOKYO (majirox news) — Atsushi Okuno seemed to have made it. A vocalist with a rock band, an actor with ten movies under his belt, and the composer of scores for four movies, including two in which he acted. He was going places.

Unfortunately, the place he went was down. He fell seven meters (20 feet) in his part-time job on a construction site, injuring his spine, and leaving him partly paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair.

For most people, that would be the end. But for Okuno, it was the start of a new career – or rather, several careers. His blog at http://atsushi-okuno.at.webry.info/ attracts thousands of visitors, and his Twitter handle @atsushi_okuno has nearly 5,000 followers. The management agency he runs from Uehara in Tokyo’s Shibuya Eternal Line Project (ELP) manages the careers of several entertainers.

In fact, his popularity, due in part to his attitude of “Your mind can do anything, if you do not let yourself be defeated,” and “It’s not your environment that determines your happiness, but you yourself,” has brought him fame.

So much fame, that publisher no Nihon” has decided to publish his blog as a book, which will be released on July 20. The title is “Iroiro Arusa, Ikiteiru Karane (“Many Things Happen Because we are Alive”) and Okuno is destined to add yet another achievement to his already impressive list of successes – that of being a best-selling author.

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